We teach on topics as: Father heart of God, Christ, work of the Holy Spirit, relationships & family.

Our focus: young people, transformational teaching, the nations, relationships. 


– The love of the Father

– The grace of Jesus

– Fellowship of the Holy Spirit


Encourage, inspire & challenge


We preach and minister in churches. We like to challenge and motivate people to fan into flame their gifts, 2 Tim. 1:6. To serve in the kingdom of Jesus Christ.



Matthew 28:19

‘Make disciples of all nations’


The father heart of God is a powerful teaching. We all can experience the embrace of the Father in our lives, coming from the storm in a place of rest. In our Father’s arms we are fully loved, wanted, respected and known. No more fear for rejection, He understands you, He loved you first, stop earning love. He doesn’t love you based on what you do, but because He chose to love you as a son and daughter.  There is a cry in the nations for Godly fathers.

Let Him become your Father, His love will cast out all fear. 


Jesus told us to go into the world, to make disciples and to teach them all He has taught us. His teachings are most important to us. The Father said: “This is My Son, in Him I am well pleased, LISTEN TO HIM”. We have listened to many things, we’ve created an image in our minds who Jesus is. We even follow and worship that image. Jesus asked His disciples: ‘who do you think I am?’ Jesus also said that we need to get renewed in our minds. What do you really know about Jesus and His teachings? What will you teach others? 2 Cor. 12:9  “My grace is all you need. My power is strongest when you are weak.”


The Holy Spirit is not just a power, the Holy Spirit is a person, He is part of the trinity. It’s importend to have fellowship with Him. The Holy Spirit speaks to us, He guides us, He is our teacher. He lives in us, we are a temple of the Holy Spirit. We are born again because we believe In Jesus, the Son. The Holy Spirit gives birth to a new identity. Father’s love is poured out into our hearts through His Spirit. The Holy Spirit is very important in the mission here on earth, He will convince the world of sin. Jesus said: “You will be baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire”. Mark 16:17 – And these signs will accompany those who believe: they will speak in new tongues.



May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. It seems Paul says: kowing His love and grace and the fellowship with the Holy Spirit are the most important things in our lives. 2 Corinthians 13:14


We are made for relationships. The Bible is a book about relationships. The body of Christ is all about relationships. God is a God of relationships. John 10:10 – Satan came to rob, steel and distroy. This is often seen in the area of relationship. But Jesus came to bring life and to restore. Building strong families gives a stong church and mission. Building healthy relationships brings joy to God’s heart and is an answer to many problems in the world.

More then 30 years of ministry

Across the globe

15 years  as youthleader, pastor & 15 years with YWAM

We have ministered in:

The Philippines, Vietnam, India, Balngladesh, China, Maleisia, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukarine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Hongary, France, Afrika, USA

Freek & Angelique

God has called us for global ministry. With all our heart and all our love for Him we choose to walk in obedience to His call. We are able to do so because of partners that want to partner with us in the harvest and the call that Gods has on our lives. YWAM works with volunteers, this means that YWAM doesn't give a salary. Our ministry and all our mission trips are funded by those who partner with us in His call for us to reach the nations.

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