De natiën


OUR DESIRE and heart for ministry and missions brought us together. Angelique was 17 when she went for 3 month to Nigeria to assist a nurse/midwife from the USA who worked in a very remote and isolated area, far, far away from the west. When we met each other we could talk  for hours about ministry and mission.

MISSION TRIPS After we married we started to organize misson trips for young people from our home church, LEG Aalsmeer. We took teams to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and France. We bought a big bus with 50 seats and we traveled with Life-Line teams and music groups to all those places. At that time Life-Line was known from EO Ronduit Praise, a Dutch broadcasting company.

TODAY, many years later, we are still traveling, we still have a heart for ministry and missions. 

Our calling:  To live the Jesus Mission. To fan into flame, to reach out, to preach, teach, train and support. To make disciples, serve the body of Christ, invest in leadership & support pioneers. One Voice, One Heart, One Spirit.


As a family we lived for a year in the Philippines, our youngest was 4 years old at that time. We reached out to very remote places, like the Agta tribe in the North.


We also lived for a year in Romania at the Black See. Untill today we are still involved and we go up and down to the Balkan many times a year.


We slept for three month on bamboo floors. We traveled with canoes upstream the rivers and walked for hours with our backpack. We stayed in places without running water and electricity and no shops.




John 3:16














Love people more than anything else. If we love people, it wil effect everything: how we do things, the way we talk and move. Love is so powerful. We want to be love driven, to love God, to love our neighbors and to love ourselves.  In the Bible is a story about a rich man. Jesus looked at him and He loved him, then Jesus said: “Go home, sell everything you have. Come back and follow me”.


We pray for another wave of young missionaries going into the world. We believe that God will call many and sent them in teams across the globle. We have been traveling with many teams to the ends of the earth. Teams with teenagers, young people and cross generational teams. We are still passionate to tavel with teams into the nations to share the love of Jesus.


We often travel to places where YWAM’ers are pioneering. Most of them need encouragement. It does not take a lot and it is not difficult to visit pioneering misionaries. Just go, meet, worship, party, eat, fellowship and reachout together. We have seen amazing things and it is such a blessing for those that pionier but also for the visiting team. Just go, be blessed and be a blessing to the nations.

More than 30 year of ministry in more then 20 nations & 15 years with YWAM

Freek & Angelique

God heeft ons geroepen voor een wereldwijde bediening. Met ons hele hart en al onze liefde voor Hem hebben we gekozen om gehoorzaam te zijn aan Zijn roeping en opdracht. We kunnen dit doen door de ondersteuning van partners die achter ons staan in de roeping en bediening die God heeft voor ons leven om te werken in de oogst. Jeugd met een Opdracht werkt met vrijwilligers, dit betekent dat we geen salaris betaald krijgen van JmeO. Onze bediening en al onze zendingsreizen worden mogelijk gemaakt door onze partners in de oogst, mensen die achter ons staan,  voor ons bidden en ons financieel ondersteunen. Op deze manier kunnen wij ons inzetten voor zending en de natiën bereiken.

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