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Invest in the next generation


Malachi 4:6
‘He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.’

This scripture has been in our hearts for many years. In 2002 when we moved to the Philippines after many years of  wonderful youth ministry, God brought us in a season where He could reveal new things to our heart. In the pain of brokenness and with a deep deep cry to God the Father “God where are you” He spoke very gentle “I am here, in de middlel of the storm”. In that season of our lives God started te reveal to us that The Next Generation is crying for love of fathers and mothers. God gave us this scripture of Malachi. His heart is always to turn the hearts of the generations towards each other. That season in our lives changed our hearts and ministry. 


We believe in you. Those words are so powerful. We believe that God wants to use young people for His glory, that God is preparing the next generation to raise up, to be a light for the nations, to be the salt of the earth. A generation willing to go to reach people with the gospel. 


We want to be involved in what God is doing among the next generation. We want to be involved in the lives of young people and young leaders. We want to be involved in what God is doing in Europe. We want to be involved, to support and to encourage! We pray for another wave of young missionaries going into the world.


We are deeply moved with the fact that the church loses our young people. It makes us angry to see how satan robs and destroys. Something stands up in our spirit when we watch the video below ‘Wake up call’. We don’t want to lose the next generation. We want to embrace and disciple the next generation.

Freek & Angelique

God has called us for global ministry. With all our heart and all our love for Him we choose to walk in obedience to His call. We are able to do so because of partners that want to partner with us in the harvest and the call that Gods has on our lives. YWAM works with volunteers, this means that YWAM doesn't give a salary. Our ministry and all our mission trips are funded by those who partner with us in His call for us to reach the nations.

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